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paul ciancia now faces federal charges that could lead to the death penalty. ciancia is in critical condition at a hospital in los angeles. this afternoon, the head of the t.s.a. and the widow of officer gerardo hernandez appeared at the airport to remember the first t.s.a. officer ever killed in the line of duty. in los angeles, carter evans begins our coverage. >> reporter: moments ago, federal authorities announced the man who opened fire on t.s.a. officers at l.a. international airport carried with him multiple assault weapon magazines and a message. >> in the note that was handwritten that we found from the defendant that was signed by the defendant, we found a statement where he made a conscious decision to kill multiple t.s.a. employees. >> reporter: late this afternoon, the widow of it, say officer gerardo hernandez spoke about her husband, the first officer in the agency's history to die in the line of duty. >> we are all heartbroken and will miss him dearly. >> reporter: at lax, more than 24 hours after gunfire disrupted thousands of flights, many passengers remain strande
entrance where investigators say 23-year-old paul ciancia gunned down tsa agent gerardo hernandez. passenger scott greene watched it happened. >> he had the gun down like this, so i imagine the person that he shot was on the ground already, and he shot twice. >> reporter: billy bey spotted the gunman as he made his way towards the gates. >> i thought he was just a random passenger. very calm, but then as he got closer and turned a bit i saw, you know, the assault rifle strapped on his shoulder and that's when i just high tailed it and ran. >> reporter: so you were surprised. >> that he made it all the way to the gates. >> reporter: that no one stopped him. >> that he wasn't stopped by then, yeah litt. >> reporter: lax police chief says he recently moved armed officers from behind the check point to a more visible location in front. >> are they going to be in the exact same moment, exactly when i want them, when i would hoped they would be, no, it didn't happen in this particular case. >> reporter: officers did swarm the airport after the shooting but witnesses wonder why they were
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2